About Us

We, at Northern Capital have reinvented the wheel of investing. Traditionally, investing has been seen as a waiting game, which involves a lot of capital. While it may be the right way to grow your wealth in the long-run, it does not help with your daily/monthly needs. We help our clients achieve their long term financial goals by growing their wealth, while also helping them with a monthly income.

Northern Capital commenced its operations back in 2017 with the intention of making innate yet futuristic adaptive wealth creation strategies available to all. Using an intelligent and capable system of designing and restructuring portfolios based on market indicators and historical data, our Investment Advisory Services are reflective of choosing the right instruments to balance your investments in terms of longevity, earnings and consistency.

Our range of financial products and services have been developed using advanced algorithms to have an edge on the market and to provide consistent returns. We prioritize Risk management over returns to ensure our clients benefit in the long run.